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By DavidPimm

Innovative Instagram series begins today

On 01, Feb 2016 | In News | By DavidPimm

Shield 5, a unique series made for Instagram, is released today. I shot the 28 part series with director Anthony Wilcox, and producers Mark Hopkins and Declan Reddington in October last year. The series was written specifically for Instagram, with each episode sitting at 15 seconds long. The aim was to try a new approach to story telling, by bringing a cinematic look and high production values to the smallest of screens.

The crime thriller, inspired by suspenseful features 3 Days of the Condor and The Fugitive has been gathering some nice attention from the media. You can read about the project at the links below:

Evening Standard Article

BBC ‘Social Cinema’ Article

Asos Article

Official Website

It was great fun shooting and felt like a very current way of telling a classic story. You can watch the series on Instagram by following @sheildfive. Enjoy!

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