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In Camera Operating

By DavidPimm

L’Oreal Blue Therapy Online Viral Shoot

On 01, Sep 2012 | In Camera Operating, News | By DavidPimm

HMT Productions Crew in the studio

A day after wrapping on The Seven Princesses short film, I was hired as B camera operator for a corporate online promo shoot. HMT Productions gave me the call after I met with Faisal (Cinematographer and co founder of the company) for a coffee a few months before and we chatted cameras as all good film geeks should. It was a great shoot in a lovely, clinical looking studio. I shot hand held footage of 5 women being made up by beauty experts before being formally interviewed by the rest of the crew. I love this roaming style of operating, had a lot of freedom and just enjoy working with people who are well organised and know their stuff – the HMT guys didn’t let down. The phrase of the day was ‘on it’ as everyone was working so well together and we wrapped an hour ahead of schedule. It was a pleasure working with them and I hope it’s the first of many shoots together. Faisal and James, the director, cut together 6 videos altogether for the client to promote a new range of treatments – 1 general promo and 5 separate edits focusing on each of the women. Lovely stuff! Lighting and camera details, along with the 6 60 second(ish) pieces after the break. Read more…