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Photo by Lewis Bush

Photo by Lewis Bush

David is a British cinematographer and graduate of the National Film and Television School (2013-2015). At the NFTS he was awarded scholarships from the BBC and Kodak. Under the guidance of Brian Tufano BSC, Stuart Harris and Tim Palmer BSC, he was afforded the time and opportunity to nurture his approach as a cinematographer. With a passion for visual story telling, David is drawn to narrative work that has the capacity to affect and move audiences. Rather than injecting a predetermined style onto a film, he adapts his visual aesthetic to support each story and the director’s vision of it.

The films David has shot have often dealt with weighty social issues, and have been exhibited internationally. Out of Sight was selected for Sundance Film Festival 2015 and Patriot was nominated for the short film Palme D’or at Cannes 2015Patriot and Bodies were also selected for Palm Springs in 2015, while Fulfilament played in competition at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

At the end of 2016, David completed his first feature film, Love Me Not, for director Alexandros Avranas (Miss Violence) and Faliro House Productions (The Lobster, Midnight Special).

David regularly works across formats, shooting drama, commercial content and music videos. Whether on film or digital, he embraces any project where he can work collaboratively to tell the story through the lens.

David is based in London and represented by Casarotto Ramsay.