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On 02, Aug 2018 | In | By DavidPimm

Commercial Showreel

This showreel is made up of commercial, branded content and music video work shot on a range of cameras. David has experience working with high speed, table top, food, drink, animals (robotic as well as the real, fluffy kind), kids and cars.

Campaigns have included work for Quorn, Greenpeace, Pension Wise, Virgin Trains, Shell, Sky, KFC, Ted Baker, Direct Line, Raleigh Ritchie and Red Bull.

By DavidPimm

On 01, May 2018 | In | By DavidPimm

Ted Baker – Ted Says Relax

Director: Felipe Torres Urso

Production: JOG Content

Genre: Commercial

Format: Alexa w/ Cooke S4s & Optimo 10:1 zoom

Duration: 30 secs

By DavidPimm

On 25, Apr 2018 | In | By DavidPimm

Pension Wise

Director: Dan Castella

Production: James McColgan at Recipe

Genre: Commercial

Format: Alexa w/ Angenieux zooms

Duration: 2 x 30 secs for broadcast on Sky

By DavidPimm

On 21, Jul 2017 | In | By DavidPimm

Quorn – Nutritious Delicious

Director: Michael J Ferns

Production: Laura Merrett / Trigger

Genre: Commercial

Format: Arri Amira

Duration: 30 secs

By DavidPimm

On 12, Jan 2017 | In | By DavidPimm

Greenpeace – Ocean Of The Future

Director: Chris Hugall

Production: Hoi Polloi

Genre: Commercial

Format: Red and Sony A7Sii

Duration: 90 secs + social media clips

Campaign to demand supermarkets use less plastic. Lovely to work on something for such an important cause. Shot on location in Dingle, Ireland with school children expecting to see fish in the aquarium, but presented with plastic waste, pulled directly from the nearby beach where the staff litter pick every week. Please click here to sign the petition. 

By DavidPimm

On 10, Jan 2017 | In | By DavidPimm

Hello Beer

Director: Sam Taylor

Production: Hey Honey

Genre: Commercial

Format: Alexa w/ Cooke Ss2

Duration: 38 secs

By DavidPimm

On 07, Jan 2017 | In | By DavidPimm

KFC – Clean Eating Burger

Director: Dan Castella

Production: Black Sheep

Genre: Commercial

Format: Alexa with Cooke S2s

Duration: 2 mins & 30 Secs versions


By DavidPimm

On 06, Jan 2017 | In | By DavidPimm

CALM – Men and Dogs

Director: Brigi Szaszfai and Ciara Kennedy

Production: AdCan

Genre: Spec Commercial

Format: FS7 with Anamorphic adapter

Duration: 30 Secs

By DavidPimm

On 20, Oct 2016 | In | By DavidPimm

Virgin Trains – Rail Vs. Air

Director: Ben Aston

Production: Catsnake

Genre: Commercial

Format: Sony FS7 with Zeiss and Canon primes

Duration: 4 x 30 secs and 1 x 1 min 50 secs

5 pieces to promote Virgin Trains London to Glasgow service

By DavidPimm

On 01, Sep 2015 | In | By DavidPimm

Breast Cancer Care – Flowers

Director: Ani Laurie

Production: Dream Big Films / NFTS

Genre: Commercial

Format: Arri Alexa with Zeiss Super Speeds

Duration: 45 Secs