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On 09, Aug 2017 | In | By DavidPimm

Commercial Showreel

This showreel is made up of commercial, branded content and music video work captured on a range of cameras.

Clients include Virgin Trains, Shell, Sky and Red Bull.

By DavidPimm

On 12, Jan 2017 | In | By DavidPimm

Ted Baker – Ted Says Relax

Director: Felipe Torres Urso

Production: JOG Content

Genre: Commercial

Format: Alexa w/ Cooke S4s & Optimo zoom

Duration: 36 secs

By DavidPimm

On 10, Jan 2017 | In | By DavidPimm

Hello Beer

Director: Sam Taylor

Production: Rooted Productions

Genre: Commercial

Format: Alexa w/ Cooke Ss2

Duration: 38 secs

By DavidPimm

On 07, Jan 2017 | In | By DavidPimm

KFC – Clean Eating Burger

Director: Dan Castella

Production: Black Sheep

Genre: Commercial

Format: Alexa with Cooke S2s

Duration: 30 Secs

Alternate 2 minute version over here for further Figgy joy.

By DavidPimm

On 06, Jan 2017 | In | By DavidPimm

CALM – Men and Dogs

Director: Brigi Szaszfai and Ciara Kennedy

Production: AdCan

Genre: Spec Commercial

Format: FS7 with Anamorphic adapter

Duration: 30 Secs

By DavidPimm

On 20, Oct 2016 | In | By DavidPimm

Virgin Trains – Rail Vs. Air

Director: Ben Aston

Production: Catsnake

Genre: Commercial

Format: Sony FS7 with Zeiss and Canon primes

Duration: 4 x 30 secs and 1 x 1 min 50 secs

5 pieces to promote Virgin Trains London to Glasgow service

By DavidPimm

On 01, Sep 2015 | In | By DavidPimm

Breast Cancer Care – Flowers

Director: Ani Laurie

Production: Dream Big Films / NFTS

Genre: Commercial

Format: Arri Alexa with Zeiss Super Speeds

Duration: 45 Secs

By DavidPimm

On 21, Aug 2015 | In | By DavidPimm

Shell – Fill Up & Go

Director: Steve Reeves

Production: Another Film Company

Genre: Commercial

Format: Arri Amira

Duration: 30 Secs


By DavidPimm

On 06, Aug 2015 | In | By DavidPimm

Red Bull – Stories

Director: Ben Aston & Colum Eastwood

Production: Cling Film

Genre: Commercial / short form

Format: Arri Alexa with Cooke S4s

Duration: 2 x 5 minutes

Two pieces mixing live action with animation for Red Bull. Currently in post production.

By DavidPimm

On 21, May 2015 | In | By DavidPimm

Alexia Fashion

Director: B Welby-Delimere

Production: Confused Logic

Genre: Commercial

Format: Red Epic

Duration: 1 Min