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By DavidPimm

On 22, Feb 2019 | In | By DavidPimm


Director: Simon Amstell

Production: Open Palm Films

Genre: Drama/Comedy

Format: Arri Alexa with Cooke Panchros

Duration: 85 Mins

Theatrical release: 15th March 2019

Featuring Colin Morgan, Anna Chancellor, Joel Fry and Jack Rowan. 5 stars in The Daily Mirror, 4 stars in Empire, Total Film, NME, Little White Lies.

Official Selection: London Film Festival 2018

By DavidPimm

On 09, Aug 2017 | In | By DavidPimm

Love Me Not

Director: Alexandros Avranas

Production: Faliro House & Les Films Du Lendemain

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Format: Arri Alexa with Cooke S4s

Duration: 99 mins

The film follows a couple who hire a young female migrant to be a surrogate mother. The mother and girl bond one night when the husband is away on business. The next morning, her husband gets a call: his wife is dead, her burned body was found in her wrecked car.

Official Selection: San Sebastian Film Festival 2017

Cineuropa article: “Along with the contradictory, idyllic, optimistic cinematography by David Pimm, which heightens the gloominess of the acts depicted, Avranas emotionally manipulates his viewers and physically manipulates his characters in a crescendo of psychological exploitation.”

By DavidPimm

On 22, Jul 2017 | In | By DavidPimm

Ackley Bridge

Director: Rob Quinn

Production: Channel 4 / The Forge

Genre: Drama/Comedy

Format: Arri Alexa with Cooke S4s

Additional photography credit, working as DOP on main unit for much of episodes 3 and 4, as well as supplementary scenes for episodes 5 and 6. Please get in touch to view specific scenes.

By DavidPimm

On 20, Jul 2017 | In | By DavidPimm

Lady Macbeth (Additional Photography)

Director: William Oldroyd

Production: Sixty Six Pictures & iFeatures

Genre: Period Drama

Format: Arri Alexa with Cooke S4s

Duration: 89 Mins